SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is imperative to your ad campaign/strategy.

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Improve Your Marketing Strategy

You can have an excellent website visually, great content, good keyword targeting, and smart advertising.

However, if your compatibility with Googles search engine technology isn’t on point, Google simply “Won’t see you”. So all your hard work in marketing will not come to fruition.

At Mana Marketing we focus on an in-depth level, looking into your websites content, design and link structure to ensure all your site is visible to Google’s search engine technology, optimising every aspect of your online presence and thereby ensuring the best for your brand marketing strategy.

SEO Analytics & testing fields:

  • Analyse structure of navigation and crawlable link structure – checking pathways to pages are visible to Google’s crawler technology for blocked code, and poor link structure.
  • HTML text analysis, optimisation and testing.
  • Analyse and repair mixed contextual signals, ensuring the content of the page fits with the keyword search for the page/website.
  • Analyse and improve all rich text content.
  • CMS (Content Management System) Analysis and optimisation, ensuring if you use CMS, that there are no duplicate pages.
  • Landing page quality & relevance analysis and optimisation.
  • Keyword links analysis, update and optimisation.
  • Website relevance to customer base analysis and optimisation.
  • Location targeting analysis and update.
  • Ad Ranking analysis and update.
  • Research into customer based activity on your site, search engine results, how they interact, comment or link to your ads, website, and products.