PPC – Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click

PPC stands for Pay Per Click or is sometimes known as Cost Per Click (CPC).

This is one of the many types of online marketing, giving immediate setup and presence to the online search clientele, boosting your visibility, generate leads, sales and benefit your profit margin by generating traffic to your website.

However, with PPC you are not charged to show your ads, only when a potential client clicks on the ad to open your website, as well as target your chosen demographic so you have an efficient click rate from your desired potential clients.

PPC also helps to manage your budget more efficiently and with high-level data tracking and reporting.

Why PPC?

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Works Across Multiple Devices

Every digital business that wants to increase traffic to their website regardless of the desired end result should incorporate PPC into their advertising strategy.

Key PPC selling points:

  • Fast Set Up and Results.
  • Maximise Profile Visibility Online.
  • Ensures Increased Budget Efficiency.
  • Budget Flexibility with limitation Ability, Capping and Pausing control.
  • Campaign Tracking and Report Generation.

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