Data Analytics Reporting

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Data Analysis and Reporting are just as important as good advertising campaigns. When we manage a small temporary ad or a complete brand package of advertising, each and every account and ad will be thoroughly monitored and documented.

We ensure that the analytics will be precisely documented for your peace of mind and reports delivered promptly, ensuring you can trust that your advertising campaign is meticulously looked after from ad creation to campaign reporting.

We pride ourselves with excellent, up to the minute data analytics taken from various trusted sources to cover Google Ads (PPC) and SEO.

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We review every Google Ad/PPC campaign daily to ensure all the ads are working correctly, to optimise targeting of your demographic/location market and see to it that all Google requirements are met.
We have various options for Analytics Data Reporting, which you can decide to choose at any time. All can be built into a package arrangement.

Options are:
• Face to Face Meeting
• Video Conference Call Meeting
• Voice Conference Call Meeting
• Via Online email Correspondence

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Copies of the documentation can be filed for you, and the documentation can be stored in a format of your choosing.

These are:
• Email Attachments
• Paper Hard Copies in a presentation File*
• SD Card*
• External Hard Drive*
• File Storage on a cloud server*

*At an extra cost outside of your package arrangement. but can be built into the package if required.