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Ads What are they - Image 001 - SDN Ads
Google Search Ads – Examples

Google Ads for those that don’t know what it is, is an advertising tools available to all online businesses of all shapes and sizes. Google Ads helps to bring a specific website to the attention of the online user as they search for a specific product, service, piece of information, social media page, music and even downloads and apps.

The difference you see in the search results is the word ‘Ad‘ in a little box on the left-hand side of the search result, often with clickable links throughout the ad itself, drawing you to the right page you wish to click to, for example, the pricing page, or contact form.

Ads What are they - Image 002 - GDN display Ads
Google Display Ads – Example

Alternatively, the Google Display Ads, are those in a display format that is served when you visit a site that is on one of Google’s partner sites. And those sites that have “Adsense by Google” installed. This is a platform on a website that allows Google to advertise on the website.

The Youtube ads, ads at the bottom of eBay for example, are places where display advertisement happens all the time, as well as the Ads you see now at the side of facebook when on your desktop computer or laptop. It is a very difficult and time-consuming task to create your own marketing strategy and advertising on Google Ads when you really want to concentrate on making your business successful.

Ads What are they - Image 003 - GDN display Ads
Video Ads on YouTube are Google Partnered

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